Max Unavailable asks:

“How do have wifi under the sea?”

I do not know what you are referring to. I consulted my technical expert, Crawford Tillinghast, what this wifi you speak of involves and I was most displeased with his response. He dared suggest I subject my flesh to beams created by your human made contrivances! Such perversions are unacceptable.

It was such an upsetting suggestion that I crushed a perfectly good bluetooth headset against his skull. The loss of this device is much lamented as it will prevent me from alerting thirteen year old whelps of my successful episodes of fornicating with their mothers during my late night video game sessions. This purpose of this chant as well of the necessity of rubbing my game persona’s genitals against their fallen corpses is still somewhat of a mystery, however after witnessing the rage and madness this appears to generate does seem oddly effective. I shall use this technique to bring about the madness of the world.

As to your insolent question, we do not use wifi under the sea. We use a system of cables and some sort of device that works without wires. You foolish assumption has been noticed. Consider yourself chastised. You should consider self immolate as a methods of appeasement. It won’t work, but I’m in the mood for barbecue.